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Gospel Outreach & Village Teaching Center


The Importance of Discipleship

Discipleship is crucial for evangelism to be effective. The Christian Discipleship Program (CDP) consists of more than 50 hours of Bible-based teaching sourced from multiple churches in its development of more than 10 years. They are recorded onto 17 DVDs, have been translated and dubbed into multiple African languages. This curriculum is designed to disciple new believers, existing village congregations, and their leadership to live victorious lives and to teach them to fulfill the Great Commission to their village.

The facilitators of participating village pastors’ sessions choose a central location for a CDP center. In the third week of the Outreach cycle, a CDP coordinator trains the facilitators on running the sessions to disciple their village for years to come. The 50-hour, 17-disc set, along with a TV monitor, DVD player, and power generator are all handed over to the committee, free.

During this first week of sessions, the center is often already filled beyond capacity, with people hungry to learn more, following the Outreach.

Sessions continue weekly and when the 50 hours are completed, they simply restart either with an intake of new believers or for continued learning and growth within the village. Every week believers and new converts can hear rich, powerful, life-changing teaching in their own language. The CDP coordinator returns regularly to monitor the growth and impact CDP is having on the village congregations. The impact CDP has on pastors, their churches, converts and the village for years to come is immeasurable.


Christian Discipleship Program (CDP)

  • It is God inspired
  • It teaches new believers life-transforming Biblical lessons in their own language
  • New believers attend lessons once a week for up to a year or more after the Outreach
  • It makes no distinction between denominations and is most effective in unifying churches
  • All the equipment remains in the village and can be re-used for years to come
  • It is monitored by our coordinators to ensure its continued and effective application
  • Many lives have been completely transformed as principles such as faith, prayer, love, and forgiveness are applied in their daily lives
KENCDP1 Jan12 Furfural Furfural CDP Class 1 FR


  1. Welcome to your new family
  2. Spiritual Formation Encounter
  3. Spiritual Victory Guide
  4. Spiritual Victory Encounter
  5. Reaching the Lost
  6. Evangelism Encounter
  7. Developing the leader in you
  8. Champions Encounter
  9. CDP Program
  10. Church Structure
  11. Cell Structure Introduction
  12. Structure of Programmed Church ,
    • Statement of Faith
    • Programmed Church
    • Church Admin
  1. Mysteries of the Gospel
  2. Who is Jesus?

Establishing Christian Discipleship Program centers (CDP) is vital for the spiritual growth and progress of all new converts. Because of the quality and soundness of the teachings, most church groups readily accept and fully participate. In many situations, church leaders who have little Bible training are being equipped to pastor their congregations more effectively.

Reach as Many People as Possible

EVERY person should have an opportunity to hear the Gospel and you can make it possible.