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In 1979 Peter Pretorius, an affluent South African tobacco farmer, and his wife Ann came to the Lord after witnessing the dramatic healing of Peter’s father. Peter and Ann immediately began to passionately share the Gospel wherever they could. Within just three years, in October 1982, the ministry was founded, officially registered in 1983 in South Africa and began with Gospel Outreaches in rural town halls.

Jesus Alive Prison Outreach Programme Appeal

Jesus Alive Gospel Outreach has already reached 6 prisons in Kenya with the help of you, our faithful donors. With your help we can forever transform the lives of thousands of Kenyan prisoners and set them free in the truth of the word of God. Donate today at

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Peter Pretorius was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. He recounts his childhood—a “riches to rags” story set in South Africa’s apartheid era. The injustices he witnessed would greatly influence him later in life when his father’s brush with death set Peter on a transformational path to salvation.

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Christian Discipleship Project

Discipleship is crucial for evangelism to be effective. The Christian Discipleship Programme (CDP) consists of more than 50 hours of Bible-based teaching sourced from multiple churches in its development of more than 10 years.

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Everyone has a right to be exposed to the Good News of the Gospel. But getting to the rural communities of Africa takes financial resources. This is where collaboration takes place. We have the experienced team and you have the funds to partner with our vision and mission.


At Jesus Alive Gospel Outreach, through our outreaches and programmes across the African continent, are expensed to many stories of life change, and miraculous events that transpire as a result of the power of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Alive 35th Anniversary

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EVERY person should have an opportunity to hear the Gospel and you can make it possible.

Go Club Letter

February 13, 2015
Dear Go Club Member There is nothing more satisfying than to know that what you have invested in, is changing the life of another. Your participation and contribution to our Go Club is an extension of